Sexuality And Romantic Relationships

My students and I currently are conducting life-history interviews to study the development of sexuality and romantic relationships among 21 – 30 year old young adults. The study has both theoretical and social justice objectives. Theoretically, it seeks to develop Simon and Gagnon’s script approach to sexuality, and VanAnders’ sexual configurations model that seeks to encompass all varieties of gender identity and sexual desires. Its social justice objectives are to identify the social factors that constrain vs. foster empowerment and agency, and to identify alternatives to “traditional” romance-dating scripts that are more egalitarian and consent-centered. It is specifically focusing on differences in developmental trajectories described by men vs. women, heterosexuals vs. GLBTQ+ individuals, and college-educated non-college interviewees. The interviews – totaling four to seven hours with each participant – seek to elicit full sexual-romantic life-histories.