Recommendations from psych alumni to senior year psych majors
  • Finish your SIP in the summer if you can!
  • Be sure to finish your upper level courses.
  • Don’t stop taking psychology courses even after you finish your requirements. Take at least one per quarter and take those classes you really want to take!
  • Don’t forget about your friends while you’re flustered over requirements and your SIP! Be sure to make time for those around you.
  • If you are planning on working after graduation, take classes in other departments that might help you in your area of interest.
  • Consider taking Counseling Psych, Theories of Personality, and Social Development. Past students have found these classes really helpful to their academic and personal development.
  • Beginning planning your SIP and take a course to get background for your SIP
  • You must take PSYC 390 (Experimental Methods) your Junior spring quarter
  • Look at old SIPs and talk to seniors and professors for SIP ideas
  • Look at other universities websites to see what kind of research professors are doing there. Often they need more research assistants over the summer!
  • Read tons of articles!!

Senior Integrated Projects (SIPs)

On-Campus Funding Opportunities

On-Campus Educational Support

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