Research and Internships

Gaining experience in a research and/or applied setting is a vital part of your Psychology education. Such experiences not only help you determine what career paths might make the most sense for you after K, but they also help reinforce the information you are learning in your Psychology courses and see how it is applied in the real world. We recommend that all of our majors seek out some kind of research or applied internship during their time at K, whether it be part of, or in addition to, their SIP work.

There are several types of experiences you may seek out.

  • Work as a research assistant in the lab of a Psych faculty member at K. If you are interested in this, you should read more about faculty interests and then approach someone to see if they have any open opportunities to help with their on-going research.
  • Apply for a Summer Research Program for the summer after your sophomore or junior year.
  • Seek out a Research Internship in a lab at another institution.
  • Find an Applied Internship.