Senior Integrated Projects (SIPs)

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Recommendations from senior psychology majors to junior psychology majors.
  • This year would be great to try Personality Theories or Interviewing and Narrative Analysis. This class, juxtaposed with Experimental Methods, will expose you to two different types of research methods, therefore letting you decide what type of research you are interested in.
  • Start getting to know the professors outside of the classroom. Chances are you will be asking them for letters of recommendation in the future, and the better they know you the better the letters will be!

Study Abroad:

  • While abroad, consider taking a psych course or getting involved in something that helps you continue to explore your interests in psychology.
  • Consider doing an ICRP or community service that may pertain to the major or future career aspirations – it can look great on a resume or graduate school application!
  • Begin thinking about your SIP while abroad! The time at home after getting back but before going back to school is a great time to look for SIP placement. Start emailing research labs and ask if they have any openings for a lab assistant.

SIP Preparation:

  • Beginning planning your SIP and take course to get background for your SIP
  • You must take PSYC 390 (Experimental Methods) your Junior spring quarter
  • Look at old SIPs and talk to seniors and professors for SIP ideas
  • Look at other universities websites to see what kind of research professors are doing there. Often they need more research assistants over the summer!
  • Read tons of articles!!

Grad School Preparation:

  • If you are planning to take the GRE exam, consider taking PSYC 470 (History and Systems of Psychology) to help prepare
  • If you are thinking of going straight to grad school, consider taking the GRE sometime in the summer so you don’t have to do it when you’re stressed about classes, your SIP, and grad school applications. This also gives you the chance to take it again if you want to.