Gary Gregg

Parfet Professor of Psychology

Prof. Gregg is a personality psychologist who uses life-history interviews to study development during young adulthood, and a cultural psychologist who focuses on life-span development in Arab-Muslim Societies. He has studied the cultural shaping of identity in the U.S. and Morocco, and recently completed a study of the social-moral-religious values of “Millennials.” He currently is studying the development of sexuality among young adults.

He teaches Theories of Personality, Cultural Psychology, Interviewing and Narrative Analysis, Psychology of Arab-Muslim Societies, Prejudice and Ethnocentrism, and a 1st year seminar The New World Order.




Book Cover of Self Representaion by Gary S. Gregg

Greenwood Press, 1991
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Other Publications

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Gary Gregg in Morocco
Fieldwork in Ourazazate, Morocco