Resources for Sophomore Psychology Majors and Minors

On-Campus Educational Support

Looking for tools to combine your psychology interest with your career goals? Check out these CCPD Resources.

Recommendations from senior psychology majors to new sophomore psychology majors.

• Take one Psych course each quarter to explore your interest and develop some competencies in the field

• Take courses from lots of different professors. This will help you to choose upper level classes wisely.

• Try to get a variety of content and different perspectives on Psychology.

• There are many career development internships that can help you to explore your interests in Psychology

• If you are planning on a double major with Psychology, consider a Psychology minor so as not to overwork yourself.

• Take mostly medium-level classes – leave the 400 levels for Junior or Senior year.

• Go in and talk to your professors! Take advantage of the small class sizes we have here at K – professors are usually willing to talk to you about anything. This will help develop your relationships that can be priceless in the future!

• Take statistics this year! It’s very helpful in Experimental Methods junior year.

• If you are planning a 9-month study abroad, you must take statistics and Experimental Methods this year!