Psychology Awards

Pass with Distinction on S.I.P.

Donald Van Liere Prize for Excellence in Psychology.

Established through a gift by the late Dr. Donald VanLiere, former chair of Kalamazoo College’s Psychology Department, awarded to a senior in psychology for excellence in research and/or academic work.

Donald Van Liere Prize for Excellence in Psychology Coursework:

Highest Psychology: Highest Psychology G.P.A.

Donald Van Liere Award for Excellence in Psychology Research:

Given for excellence in psychology research.

Marshall Hallock Brenner Prize:

Awarded to an outstanding senior for excellence in the field of industrial/organizational psychology, indicative of motivation for a career in this field of psychology

Xarifa Greenquist Award:

iven in recognition of distinctive service to students and faculty in psychology by a student assistant (work study, teaching assistant, research assistant, interacting with job candidates, hosting parties to help faculty-student morale).

Klein Prize for Outstanding Psychology Major:

The Klein Prize for outstanding psychology major is an award that the Department can designate for any outstanding performance by a psychology senior major that is not captured by the above awards.

Honors in Psychology:

Given to students who demonstrate overall excellence in their work in Psychology. The evidence considered includes: grades in Psychology courses, performance on the Psychology Comprehensive Examination and Psychology SIP and excellence in such extracurricular activities as the VanLiere Symposium, work as teaching or research assistants, and volunteer work. Also considered is evidence of students’ interest and involvement in Psychology as a career and intellectual endeavor.

While excellent performance on both the Psychology Comprehensive Exam and SIP make one a strong contender for Honors, students’ total performance is considered. It is not necessary to do a Psychology SIP in order to receive Honors nor is a student disqualified just by not earning the “Pass with Distinction” grade on the SIP or on Comprehensives. Because the Psychology faculty members know senior majors fairly well, they take account of individual circumstances.

Honors in Psychology are noted on the transcript and on the commencement program.

In addition, the Psychology Department faculty members award a number of prizes to recognize achievement by Psychology students.

Students are eligible to receive prizes whether or not they earn Honors.

Not all prizes are awarded every year; this is at the discretion of the Psychology faculty members.