Psychology Methods Sequence




Becoming producers of research.

Scientific, research-driven writing skills

  • ICRP projects while on study away; writing in 400-level courses
  • Psyc390, SIP in psychology
  • MA, PhD, ED graduate programs

Data management and analysis skills

  • Psyc390 & SIP in psychology
  • Career preparation – many careers (within or outside psychology) use data management systems and look for data analysis skills in their team
  • Graduate school preparation – Masters to PhD programs

Designing scientifically sound research

  • Psyc390, designing your SIP in psychology
  • Career preparation – many small companies ask internal team members to design surveys, collect data
  • Graduate school preparation – Masters to PhD programs

Becoming consumers of research.

Becoming a savvy, informed consumer of social science research involves

  • Read about social science research with curiosity
    • understanding the science behind claims made by media, experts, politicians, etc.
    • asking the right questions about a study
    • drawing conclusions for how to apply findings to your own life
  • Understanding research design & statistics
    • how to evaluate the validity and reliability of claims from the news, online, blogs, and journal articles
    • how to determine if results are meaningful vs. due to chance
    • how to recognize limitations of research studies

Skills from 390

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  • 5



Skills from 340

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